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Welcome To The Future Of Fat Loss
New natural technology has enabled us to provide you with a non-invasive lipo laser solution to fat loss management.  Lipo Laser is a great alternative to surgical and painful procedures such as liposuction, Vaser lipo, smart lipo, lipo dissolve and Zeltiq. Lipo laser has no pain, no surgery, no drugs and no downtime.
Lipo laser zaps fat away LIPO LASER is a safe, painless and completely non-invasive treatment for spot fat reduction and aesthetic body contouring.
The Lipo Laser utilizes the latest low level/cold laser technology to reduce girth and spot fat over almost all areas of the body without surgery, downtime or redness. Male and female LipoLaser clients have found those hard to reduce trouble spots, such as love handles, tummy bulge, and saddlebags disappear within just a few treatments. A typical 40-minute waistline treatment can reduce an individual by ½ to ¾ of an inch while a full protocol of eight treatments usually results in multiple inch loss.
One pound of fat measures 4" long, 4" wide and 2" deep!!!  Losing only 3# of fat off an area drastically reduces the size.  Think about how your area of concern would look with a few less pounds of fat on it.
How does a non-invasive LipoLaser technology work? Non-invasive LIPOLASER technology works with a patented cold laser conductor that is placed on  the skin over areas to be treated for 40 minutes. Originally designed to speed up healing, doctors noticed that the cold laser technology would also liquefy fat cells painlessly.  In contrast to Liposuction, the non-invasive LIPOLASER does not remove the fat cell, it drains it. The fat can be metabolized normally by a healthy person reshaping body contour  by a few inches each week.
How many treatments are required? A series of 40 minute treatments, depending upon the individual needs and/or area(s) to be treated is usually prescribed.   A recommendation of expected number of treatments will be given during the initial consultation.  Scheduled treatment sessions two times per week are recommended.   Diet modification and exercise are recommended but it is important to remember that the LIPOLASER can help you contour and sculpt those places that do not respond to exercise and diet, as well as improve your cellulite and your overall appearance. The LIPOLASER helps tighten the skin as fat is lost by stimulating collagen and elastin production. This skin tightening is an important benefit and works well with a weight loss or post surgical program to help prevent saggy skin rolls.
What are the advantages of LIPOLASER?
  • Non-invasive
  • No injections
  • It pinpoints target treatment areas
  • Completely painless
  • No side effects
  • Selectively only targets fat
  • Contours the body and reduces cellulite
  • Reduces fat cells, regenerates cells, tightens skin tissue, and improves circulation
  • Produces quick results
How often can I have LIPOLASER done per year? LIPOLASER is a safe, non-invasive therapy and there are no known limitations to the number of times in can be used. Many clients
choose do laser a different area after completing the first area.
How much does LIPOLASER cost? Full LIPOLASER sessions cost as low as $200 depending on package, number treatments sessions chosen and monthly specials. LIPOLASER packages can start at $800. Cellulite LIPOLASER sessions are dependent upon the individual.
We offer:
  • No pain lipo laser
  • No drugs
  • No surgery
  • No downtime
  • Complete privacy, no one has to know except for you

Dr. Price practices as a Natural Healthcare provider not as a chiropractor.
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Services available to members only, please contact office for details. Dr. Price is conventionally educated as a doctor of chiropractic with post graduate studies in natural health care. Pastoral Medicine is a Professional Blend of Scriptural
Health Wisdom with Leading Edge Science. He strongly believes that an effective system of healthcare is one that blends scriptural insight for health with science, a system referred to as “pastoral medicine”. This is an offering of pastoral
health services and should not be confused with state regulated services. Dr. Price practices as a Natural Healthcare provider and not as a chiropractor. Dr. Kirk Price, D.PSc. - PMA License #11181542 Pastoral Medical Assoc - www.pmai.com

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